Roulette Game Variations: The selection will leave your head spinning

In many bricks and mortar casinos you will only have one option when it comes to playing roulette for real money. In Canadian casinos in 2024 this is usually American Roulette, while different parts of the world have different variations as standard.

However when it comes to online roulette there will be many different choices, and everyone will have their own personal favourite. Here is the guide to some of the most common online roulette variants.

American Roulette

A simple version of the game, with the numbers 1-36 (half of them red, the other half black) as well as a zero and a double-zero. This makes the house edge higher than in some other variations, but many players like American Roulette for its familiarity.

European Roulette

European Roulette is popular at bricks and mortar casinos across the Atlantic, this version has just the one zero. This means the house edge is 2.70%, compared to 5.26% for American Roulette. However the outside bets like red or black or odd or even have the same even-money payouts as in the American equivalent.

French Roulette

French Roulette has just the one zero as well as the numbers 1-36, but it also has two unique rules: En Prison allows you to win your bet back on the next spin if the ball lands on the zero and La Partage is another option, which allows a player to just lose half their stake when the ball lands on zero.

Multi-ball Roulette

As the name suggests, this involves more than one ball being spun round the roulette wheel at the same time. This variant offers more ways to win, but the big wins associated with more traditional forms of roulette become that bit smaller.

Multiwheel Roulette

This one is slightly different. You still have one ball per wheel, but several wheels are spun simultaneously. This increases your chances of a straight up bet coming in, and is a fine way to spread your action.

Live Dealer Roulette

If you like a bit of human interaction in your online roulette games, many internet casinos will offer live dealer games. These see a real human dealer spin the wheel and throw in the ball, rather than the automated alternative seen in more traditional online roulette games.


A cross between bingo and roulette, Spingo lets players bet on three colours and the numbers 1-10, or combinations of a number and a colour. This is very popular with players in Canada and further afield, but not every casino has it on offer in 2024.

Premiere Roulette

The growth of online roulette has allowed casino sites to experiment with more and more in their roulette games. One of the additions, in Premiere Roulette Diamond Edition, is an extra three colours (yellow, purple and blue). It is almost worth trying out for the novelty factor alone.

We found the best sites

Here at we have enlisted a team of experienced players to review all the best Canadian online roulette sites, and part of their research has involved trying out all the different variants of the game to find out which are the best, most profitable and most exciting.

Our reviewers have found the top online casinos, giving you the best advice possible when it comes to choosing where to play. Variety is the spice of life, and many of our top rated Canadian roulette sites will offer many different variations of this classic game, and even let you try out different variations for free before graduating to real money play.

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