Spingo: Quick guide to playing

Spingo Quick Guide

You'll find all manner of variations of roulette when you're searching for a game to play in a Canadian online casino.

Some alternative versions have even taken to combining roulette with other internet gambling favourites.

Spingo is just one example of these hybrid games that appear to be popping up everywhere, however, it is one of the most popular around. So we felt it only right if we guide you through the ins and outs of this fairly new variation of online roulette.

We'll cover the following points:

  • How exactly to play Spingo
  • The type of bets that can be placed
  • Where it originated
  • And it's availability both on and offline


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How to play Spingo

Spingo blends the best features of online roulette and bingo to create a new game that is surprisingly easy to pick up. The 25 slots on a Spingo wheel are split into three different colours, red, yellow and blue (eight of each, with one slot for green). One of 21 numbered balls, selected at random, is shot up though a funnel (in a similar style to bingo games) and lands on one of the different coloured slots. There are two balls for each of the numbers 1-10, and one for the number zero.

Players' can bet on individual numbers, individual colours or combinations of the two, while there are still some even-money bets like odd or even. Payouts are different to other types of roulette, and players can win big by correctly betting on a number and colour combination.

Available bets in Spingo

Rather than each of the slots having a number attached to it, as is the case on other variants such as American Roulette and European Roulette, Spingo offers unpredictability with regards to both the number and the colour on every single spin. As such, there are some bets available which are unique to this variant, as well as some which players used to other forms of roulette will find more familiar:

  • High or low: A winning bet on high (6-10) or low (1-5) will pay out 1:1. Or even money. So, for example, if you bet $10 on low and the number 3 ball emerges and lands on any colour, you win $10 and get your original stake back.
  • Odd or even: Also pays out 1:1. Note that if the '0' ball comes out then odd or even bets lose
  • Colours: A winning bet on red, yellow or blue will pay out 2:1
  • Individual number: Pays out 9:1
  • Zero: A winning bet on zero specifically will pay 19:1
  • Green only: Pays out 23:1 if the ball lands on the one green slot
  • Combination: a colour/number combination, such as blue 5 or red 10, pays 31:1

History of Spingo

History of Spingo

Spingo is an invention of the online casino era, and is only a few years old. Its speed of play and opportunity for big wins has made it popular with online roulette players in Canada pretty much from the get-go, while this simple and fun game has won itself many new fans, even if some might have been sceptical at first.

It might not have the legacy of old fashioned variants like American Roulette or French Roulette, but for many Canadian players this is balanced out by how simple it is to pick up as a newcomer to online gambling.

Availability online vs offline

You won't be able to find Spingo at a land based casino, unfortunately. These venues generally adopt an 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' approach when it comes to roulette, which means that many of the largest casinos in Canada are perfectly content to offer older variants of the game.

Up until a few years ago Spingo wasn't even that readily available online, but this has changed as players have let their money and their mouse do the talking. Most of the best Canadian online and mobile casino sites will offer Spingo, and a lot of the time you can even play for free before deciding whether you want to move on to real money play.

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