Multi-wheel Roulette: Quick guide to playing

Multi Wheel Roulette

If more wheels means more excitement, then multi-wheel roulette is up to eight times as exciting as regular roulette. As you may have worked out, this is because multi-wheel roulette allows you to spin as many wheels at once as you like, up to a maximum of eight.

This variant uses a standard European Roulette layout, with just one zero, and the number of wheels involved varies from site to site. Some will allow you to choose how many spin at once and others will have a fixed amount, while some will have a maximum of eight and others might have a lower maximum.


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History of Multi-wheel Roulette

Predictably, Canadian roulette players have only been able to play this variation since the birth of online roulette. In short, it would be impractical to bring multi-wheel roulette to the live arena (though it might be amusing to watch someone try). Although it might not have been the quickest to catch on, the popularity of multi-wheel roulette means it can be found at most online casinos available to players from Canada in 2024.

As online casino technology has progressed over the years, more and more roulette sites have been able to offer visually pleasing multi-wheel roulette games with impressive graphics and seamless gameplay.

How to play Multi-wheel Roulette

The bets you can place in multi-wheel roulette are the same as in regular European Roulette, namely:

Inside bets, such as:

  • Straight up single numbers
  • Two number splits
  • Three number streets
  • Four number corner bets
  • Six-line bets

Outside bets, including:

  • Columns
  • Dozens
  • High or Low
  • Odd or Even
  • Red or Black

However, the difference comes from the fact that each bet is active across all of the wheels involved in each spin. So if you bet on a single number and you are using eight wheels, you will win whenever the ball lands in the winning slot on any single one of those wheels. Of course this means you can win on one wheel and lose on others, but a high-paying win on one can leave you in profit for that round even if your bets lose on the majority of the wheels in play.

Payouts in multi-wheel roulette

Payouts for Multi Wheel Roulette

The best way to approach multi-wheel roulette online is to think of it as if you are playing multiple separate games of European Roulette. Rather than payouts being divided by the number of wheels, each one of the wheels pays out separately, so essentially you are making one bet per table each time.

This is something you need to keep in mind when placing your bets, as it's important to realize a $5 bet in theory will be $40 worth of bets in practice if you are playing the maximum of eight wheels. However even if you are placing an even money bet, such as red or black, you just need five of those eight to come good in order to turn a profit on that particular spin. And of course if a straight-up bet of $5 hits on more than one wheel, the return on investment can be huge.

We found the best Multi-wheel Roulette sites

As we have explained, multi-wheel roulette is a relatively new addition to the Canadian online roulette landscape. Due to the experience of our team of reviewers, they will remember the first time they saw the multi-wheel roulette option show up on their casino of choice, and they have witnessed first-hand how the variant has developed over time.

If you are coming to online roulette for the first time in 2024, you will soon realize that as a player from Canada the choice can seem overwhelming. Thankfully our review team has identified the best sites to play multi-wheel roulette in 2024 to make the decision on where to make your first deposit that much easier.

Multi-Wheel Roulette FAQ

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