Premier Roulette Diamond Edition: Quick guide to playing

Premier Roulette

The growing popularity of online roulette in the 21st century has brought with it the creation of a plethora of new versions. From the weird all the way through to the wonderful, and you can play them all for real cash across a range of online Canadian casinos.

One of the most curious, and popular, to appear is Premier Roulette Diamond Edition.

We go into detail about what sets this version apart from the rest:

  • Originated in the live casino environment
  • Six different wheel colours
  • Combined single screen play


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History of Premium Roulette Diamond Edition

Making its debut in 2008, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is just one of a growing number of variants which has cropped up in the 21st century, with internet technology providing players in Canada and overseas with a fantastic range of games to play. However it may surprise you to learn that Premier Roulette Diamond Edition actually first emerged at a bricks and mortar casino in America's famous Atlantic City.

Still, while it might have its origins in the live casino environment, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is just like many other variants in the sense that it has risen to popularity in the online casino world. In 2024, Canadian players and their fellow gamblers across the world can play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition at more online roulette sites than ever before.

Differences from other roulette games

Roulette Game Differences

The most significant addition in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is the inclusion of six colors rather than four. As well as the usual red or black, players can also bet on yellow, green, purple or blue. However this is not just for novelty value, rather it adds a new level excitement to the color bets available to Canadian players online.

Of course, some players may miss the classic even-money 'red or black' bet which is eliminated by the addition of yellow, green, purple and blue, however the popularity of Premier Roulette Diamond Edition suggests this variation has enough fans of its own. It is also worth remembering that, as a game which originated in the United States, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition allows players to play online on a European Roulette table or an American Roulette table.

Bets and payouts

For the most part, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition offers the same bets and payouts as its classic European or American counterparts. These include:

  • The same inside bets on one, two, three, four or six numbers
  • The five-number bet (American table only)
  • Column or dozen bets (paying 2:1)
  • Even-money bets on odd/even or high/low (paying 1:1)

However the presence of six colors throws a couple of alternatives into the mix, as well as eliminating the even-money 'red or black' bet. It all comes down to personal preference, really.

We found the best Premier Roulette sites

Seeing as this variant of online roulette is so new, even some more experienced online roulette players could be forgiven for not being sure which sites are the best places to play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. However if you find yourself in this situation you need not worry, as not only are our reviewers extremely experienced, but they have put in the hours testing out all manner of Premier Roulette Diamond Edition games available to online roulette players across Canada.

Our review team is made up of players who have been regulars on the online roulette circuit for years upon years, so if anyone knows what to look out for it is them. Their recommendations carry weight because they are based on all the most important factors, such as quality of gameplay, range of deposit and withdrawal options for Canadian players, and of course the selection of fantastic bonuses available at online roulette casinos in 2024. In short, they will be able to answer pretty much any question that might cross your mind before you start playing Premier Roulette Diamond Edition for real money.

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