Top Roulette Myths

Roulette myths

As with many popular casino games, both online and in bricks and mortar casinos, there is a huge amount of misinformation and mythology circulating about roulette. It is our job to ensure you do not fall into the trap of letting falsehoods and myths prevent you from enjoying real money roulette games.

We will attempt to cover as many of these myths as possible, but to begin with you should be aware of matters such as:

  • Hot and cold numbers
  • Randomness of spins
  • Secret ‘systems’
  • The value of streaks

Hot and cold numbers

If you play roulette at a casino for long enough, you are likely to have encountered a certain sort of person on at least one occasion. This person will be convinced that a certain number is ‘due’ for one reason or another, be it because the ball is due to stop at a certain part of the wheel, or simply because said number just hasn’t hit for a while and it is time that changed.

Do not be fooled by this person. Sure, they may have been right on occasion, and indeed you may have seen them get a call right, but this is not through anything other than luck. Numbers are not ‘hot’ or ‘cold’, regardless of how convinced someone may be otherwise.

All spins are random

Roulette wheel spinning

So, what does dictate the destination of the ball when it spins around that roulette wheel? The strength of the dealer’s arm? The number of bets that have been placed? The whims of an online casino? None of these in fact, it’s entirely random.

Don’t be fooled into believing that outside forces are at play, as following such a commonly held myth may convince you to attempt to overcompensate with sub-optimal plays if you think you have learned the secret of the game. Just accept that it is random and play your normal game, or else you will not get the full enjoyment from your roulette session be it online or live.

There is no hidden ‘system’ to beat the house

There is a reason why online and land based casinos offer roulette, be it American Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette or one of the myriad other variations. They know that, in the long-run, over millions and millions of spins of the wheel, the house will always win. Of course, this doesn’t mean that an individual player cannot win over a small sample, and in fact people will end up winners over their entire roulette career if they are luckier than others, but don’t let that fool you.

Plenty of online roulette tips and tricks sites will claim to have cracked roulette or found a hidden ‘system’ to help you beat the house. The existence of such a system is a myth, though, so don’t be taken in. however that’s not to say you shouldn’t experiment with patterns that you have devised yourself, if you just want to have a bit of fun and maybe win some money. Just don’t be fooled into thinking there is a fool proof shortcut to profit.

Winning and losing streaks aren’t that meaningful

One of the most common positive roulette stories comes in the form of the unlikely winning streak, that player who takes a small initial investment and runs it up into a huge score. This is great for the player involved, and there is no reason not to believe such a streak is genuine, however we should also recognise that you can’t take too much from the situation.

Someone may take more risks when on a winning streak, and consequently make even more money, but there is nothing inherent in their success that can be applied as a long term winning formula and any suggestion otherwise is a myth. In fact, the concept of streaks will often manifest itself in the opposite direction, with players attempting to chase losses by betting on more and more unlikely outcomes. Remember, it is not uncommon for roulette players to run out of money before luck evens itself out.

How to enjoy roulette

With this in mind, the best way to ensure you enjoy your roulette session, whether you’re playing at one of Canada’s great online casino sites or at a popular Canadian land-based casino, is to ignore these myths and just play your regular game. You don’t want to find yourself overthinking things and stressing yourself out when roulette is primarily something people do to avoid these things and just have an enjoyable experience.

You can still read up on roulette strategy, and learn the ropes so you get a good idea of the basics of the game and the differences between the various roulette variants available to you. If you avoid falling into a trap of following myths then it’s easy to have fun playing roulette and potentially win some money.

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